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urbanites's Journal

Urbanites: LJ's Karl Urban Fan Community!
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It's simple, really: if you're a fan of New Zealand's Karl Urban in any of his TV/movie roles, or if you play any of his roles in an online game, join us! I don't know if this community will be terribly busy, but he's a great guy and it's a fun idea, so come on in. :)

What's Welcome Here: Discussion, spoilers, photos (candid or in-character), video-swapping, links, fanfic, convention dirt, and anything else on-topic you can think of. If it's got Karl or any of his characters in it, we wanna see it!

Important Note: Yes, we are slash/RPS-friendly. However, that is not the focus of this community, and by allowing RPS we are not confusing it for reality. All RPS and any adult-rated fanfic should be placed behind an LJ-CUT so everyone stays happy, mmmkay? :)

Founder's Aside: No, I'm not obsessed. But with The Two Towers right around the corner, well, it was about time somebody created this place... It should be noted that Urbanites is loosely affiliated with MESPT, Shards Of Arda, and Riddermark.